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Four Signs That Window Glass Needs Replacing

by Arianna Griffin

Having windows that work effectively is important, as they help to keep your home warm, quiet, and safe. This article explains four tell-tale signs that some of your window glass needs replacing.

Your Window Is Hard To Open

Your windows should be easy to open, and the mechanism should work without effort. If your window doesn't open properly, or you have to struggle to open it, you may need to replace the glass or the whole window. Windows that don't open can pose a risk in case of fire and can make it hard to ventilate your home properly, which can lead to dampness and mould. Whether you need a glass replacement or a whole window replacement depends on the particular problem.

Your Window Lets in a Lot of Sound

Do you feel like your bedroom or living room is too loud, even when the windows are closed? Can you hear noises from the street through the glass? If you stand next to the glass, can you feel air coming through? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you might need new glass. It may be the case that the glass is damaged and sound is leaking through, or you may just need newer or thicker glass. If you don't have double-glazed windows, switching to this window type can also make your home quieter.

It's Cracked or Chipped

If the glass in your window is cracked or chipped, even slightly, it should be replaced. As explains, glass and other materials expand in the heat and contract in the cold. This means that your window can crack further or even completely break without you touching it. It also means a hairline crack is sure to get larger. Broken glass can injure your family and your pets and is a security hazard. To feel safe in your home, get your glass windows replaced as soon as you notice the damage.

There's Condensation Inside Your Window

Finally, you should get your windows replaced if there is condensation between the panes of glass. This happens to double-glazed windows sometimes and is typically the result of the seal having failed. However, it's generally best to replace the whole window and all of the glass. Having condensation inside your windows doesn't look good and makes it hard to see out of your windows.

 If your window is hard to open, doesn't keep out sound or is damaged, it's time for a glass replacement. Contact a professional for more information about glass replacement