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Why You Should Install a Shower Screen in Your Guest Bathroom

by Arianna Griffin

You might have already installed a shower screen in your master bathroom. However, you might not have made this improvement to your guest bathroom just yet. After all, your guest bathroom might not be used very often, so you might not really think it matters what type of shower it has. However, if you can, you should think about installing a shower screen in this bathroom, too, for these reasons.

Have a More Cohesive Look Throughout the Home

First of all, if you give a tour of your home to someone — or if you ever put your home up for sale and show it off to potential buyers — then you might want it to have a cohesive look throughout. This could be why you have used similar decorating styles throughout the home, for example. If you want your bathrooms to have a cohesive appearance, too, then you may want to install a shower screen in your guest bathroom. You can also use similar countertops, paint, and more to continue the cohesive look.

Make Your Guest Bathroom Look Nice

Even though your guest bathroom might not be used very often, it might be the main bathroom that your favourite guests will use when they visit. Because of this, you might want to make sure that your guest bathroom looks nice. Many people like the look of a shower screen, since it's more streamlined and modern than a shower curtain, and it isn't nearly as bulky. You might find that you and your guests will really love the way that your guest bathroom looks once you install a shower screen.

Make Clean-Up Easier for Everyone

When there are guests staying in your home, they might do everything they can to be courteous and clean. This means that they might clean up the guest bathroom each time that they use it. Although you might appreciate the gesture, you probably don't want your guests to spend a lot of time cleaning when they should be enjoying their visit. Therefore, you might want to install a shower screen that will be easy for them to clean. If you leave shower cleaner and a squeegee where they can see and use it, you can make things even easier for them.

Plus, you'll probably like that a shower screen in your guest bathroom will be easier to clean, too. Then, when you need to clean the bathroom, it shouldn't take nearly as much time, work, or effort.