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Thinking of Installing Frameless Glass Screens in Your Shower? Why You Should

by Arianna Griffin

Frameless glass shower screens are common in modern homes because they add a refined finish to a bathroom. They are not only beautiful, but they are also functional. So if you are renovating your house and wondering how to change your bathroom's old look, you should consider installing frameless shower screens that are made of glass. Apart from the fact that they add to your bathroom's aesthetic value, they have many more benefits that include the following.

They Are Easy to Maintain

The maintenance of these screens is easier than that of traditional framed screens or even shower curtains. The traditional framed screens are hard to clean because their frames trap soap and dirt. To clean the frameless grass screen, all you need is a damp cloth and glass cleaner. The traditional glass screens also trap moisture, which encourages the growth of mould. 

Removing mould can be tedious, and you may need to have it done by expert cleaners. On the other hand, frameless glass screens do not retain water after cleaning, which discourages mould growth. Therefore, installing glass shower screens, which are without frames reduces the time and effort spent cleaning and maintaining your bathrooms.

They Improve the Aesthetic Value of Your Bathrooms

A glass shower screen without frames has a stylish and modern look. Thus, if your bathroom is outdated and you plan to renovate it, these screens can be a great addition. They will transform your bathrooms entirely by giving them a new and unique look.

Additionally, frameless screens improve the utilisation of space. Framed glass shower screens take up more space than frameless screens. Therefore, if you want your bathroom to look and feel spacious, you should replace your old framed screens with frameless ones. These screens also allow more natural light in the bathroom than the other options. Natural lighting adds to the aesthetic value of the bathroom by making it appear brighter.

They Are Customisable

A lot of the traditional shower enclosures come in standard sizes and shapes. However, if your bathroom's size is not standard, you might want to take advantage of frameless glass screens for showers. That is because they are customisable and can be designed to suit your bathroom. Typically, the remodelling contractor will factor in your bathroom's current design and layout to develop a shower screen that fits perfectly.

As highlighted above, a frameless glass shower screen can improve your bathroom's appeal and functionality. But ensure that you engage a proficient and seasoned remodelling contractor to ensure proper installation of the screens. Visit a shop near you for more information about frameless shower screens.