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Are You Putting Off Window Glass Replacement? Read This!

by Arianna Griffin

If you have been a homeowner for several years, you probably think that household restorations are seemingly endless. And this is not surprising when you take into consideration the vast range of building materials and systems that you rely on daily. With time, they eventually succumb to damage and if this is not caught in time, you will be faced with replacing these damaged items. This is particularly true with windows. 

Admittedly, options such as the double and tripled glazed variety tend to be renowned for their durability. But this does not mean that they will not require the attention of a professional. If you have a damaged window in your home that you have been ignoring, keep reading to learn why you should seek glass replacement immediately. 

Hiring window glass replacement will maintain the energy efficiency of your home 

The leading reason why homeowners will invest in double or triple glazed windows is to decrease thermal loss and gain in the home. This is vital if you live in parts of Australia that experience severe temperature changes in the summer and the winter. When your glass windows acquire irreparable damage, they can no longer prevent thermal changes in your home since the integrity of the glazed glass is now compromised. 

Consequently, you will find that you are constantly fidgeting with your HVAC system to achieve your desired temperatures when, in reality, your home is either losing heat or gaining heat depending on the season. You should also know that leaving the damaged window glass unchecked will only result in increased energy costs, as your HVAC system tries to overcompensate. So if you are looking to save money, it is advisable to hire glass replacement services the moment you notice the damage. 

Hiring window glass replacement will mitigate the risk of mould and rot 

Once the window glass is cracked, irrespective of how minor you think the crack is, the window will start to allow moisture to seep into your home. This moisture can come from condensation as well as precipitation. If the leading cause is condensation, the moisture will steadily soak into the timber window frames and, with time, these frames will succumb to decay. This rot does not only detract from the appearance of your windows but jeopardises the structural integrity of the frames too. 

Precipitation, on the other hand, will allow more moisture into your home than condensation. Resultantly, your residence is at the threat of mould, which would warrant remediation services. Instead, of having to pay for decayed frames and mould remediation, you must seek glass replacement immediately.