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How Krypton Can Come to Your Rescue

by Arianna Griffin

If you are an avid superhero fan, you will know that kryptonite is a game-changer for Superman. However, did you know that krypton gas can come to your rescue and help you to save money against your air conditioning bill? If you're planning to replace the windows around your home, why should you pay attention to this solution?

Glazing Options

Most people understand how double- or triple-glazed windows work and that the space in between those two panes can help to insulate the home. Yet manufacturers will now fill this space with a special type of gas, and at the top of the range, they will use krypton.

Dense Krypton

Krypton is a naturally occurring gas found in trace amounts throughout the atmosphere. Once harvested, it is pumped into the void during assembly and is far more energy-efficient than air. In fact, it is many times denser and, consequently, serves to slow down any energy in the form of thermal heat. Consequently, it will keep most of that energy on the outside of your home and help to regulate the temperature within.

Extra Efficiency

This approach is even more efficient if you decide to choose a triple-glazed window. In this case, the krypton gas is pumped into the void on both sides of the inner pane as an added insulator. With three panes of glass and two separate voids in place, you can expect to see lower levels of infiltration and an even smaller bill. Manufacturers will typically add a special coating to the outer panel as well to drive up the energy-efficient properties of the product.

Many Options

If you are looking to replace all of your windows, you will need to determine your budget and have a look at the various options. These will vary in cost and complexity, and you will need to take your annual air conditioning bill into account. Each option will have been tested in the laboratory and will offer a different performance level, and you can talk with your installation contractor to calculate your savings. They may offer you windows that are filled with a different kind of gas that is less dense and somewhat less efficient but that may be considerably cheaper.

Next Step

To get the ball rolling, talk with your expert installer to see what options they can suggest. If you're looking to make a superhuman effort to insulate your home, think about krypton.

To learn more, contact a glass replacement contractor.