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Benefits Of A Glass Splashback In The Kitchen

by Arianna Griffin

Glass splashbacks in a kitchen provide a beautiful aesthetic while also being highly functional. Here are some of the benefits in more detail.

Helps To Create A More Spacious Kitchen

Two things, in particular, can help to make a kitchen feel more spacious. One is brightness, and the other is minimal clutter. A glass splashback helps with both of these. First, shiny, smooth glass is one of the most reflective surfaces there is. A glass splashback will reflect light around the kitchen, brightening it—and brighter spaces naturally tend to feel more expansive. During the day, it will make the best use of natural daylight, lessening your reliance on artificial alternatives. Glass will also bounce artificial light around the room.

The other important facet of creating a spacious kitchen is to minimise clutter. The more visual detail and lines in an area, the more crowded and smaller it tends to appear. Large sheets of glass in a splashback have minimal joins, so they are without the visual clutter of crisscrossing lines of grout which can look messy. In contrast, glass provides a glacier-like clean, smooth surface.

Highly Durable

Glass splashbacks use toughened glass, which is exceptionally durable and built to last. After going through a glazing process whereby it's melted and then rapidly cooled, the toughened glass emerges about five times stronger than standard glass. This process also makes it heat resistant and able to thrive in a kitchen environment near a hot stove top, because that is precisely what its design prepares it for. 

Customisable To Any Kitchen Aesthetic

Available in a variety of glazing options, a glass splashback can harmonise with different kitchen aesthetics and styles. You can install back-painted glass in a variety of hues, giving you the chance to contrast or match it to other kitchen elements, such as benchtops, cabinets and walls. Metallic paint can even replicate the feel of silver appliances. Frosted glazing, another option, produces a more muted effect, but its cloudy surface agrees with both bright, vibrant fire engine reds and earthy green-blues. The frosty surface counterbalances the vibrant colour for a classic result. And muted colours also harmonise with the soft frosting surface.

Easy To Maintain

Lacking grout which can capture mildew and mould, a glass splashback is non-porous, hygienic, and easy to clean. It requires very little maintenance, and a few wipes with a soft cloth plus a spray of glass cleaner will keep it looking fresh.