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Getting It Right When Cleaning Your Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

by Arianna Griffin

Having glass splashbacks installed in your kitchen is definitely an investment worth making. With these glass splashbacks in place, you can completely transform your kitchen into an elegant and stylish space. Another benefit is that these glass units are more hygienic. Glass is generally more resistant to the build-up of unwanted bacteria and is also easy to clean. Cleaning your kitchen glass splashbacks requires careful attention, and here are some tips to help you get it right every time.

Clean Up As Soon As Possible

It is always much easier to clean up any spills or splashes while they are still very fresh. Splashes that dry on the surface of the glass will require you to put more effort and use more cleaning supplies to get them out. Apart from splashes and spills, it's also important to ensure you clean any dust off of the surface of your splashbacks before it builds up.

Use The Right Cleaning Cloth

You should always avoid using any material with an abrasive surface. Such will cause damage to the finish on the glass, and make your glass splashbacks look very old and dull. Lint-free clothing, a squeegee or a soft sponge are among some of best choices for cleaning the glass surface.

Use The Right Cleaning Supplies

To avoid damaging your glass splashbacks, be careful about your choice of detergent or cleaning agent. Any detergent that can be counted as harsh or abrasive may damage the finish on your glass. Store-bought or homemade glass cleaners that have mild ingredients will do just fine as will a general cleaner or a water+vinegar mixture.

Use The Right Techniques

Apply the cleaner and leave it to sit for a minute or two so that it can soak in the residue on your splashbacks. If the residue is greasy, you may want to leave it a little longer. Gently wipe the surface of the glass using slow, circular motions. While it is true that the glass won't easily break, it is important that you should avoid applying full strength and too much pressure when cleaning the glass.

Regular cleaning will keep your kitchen glass splashbacks looking fresh, bright and as new as when they were first installed. Doing the cleaning the right way and using the right tools is also a crucial part of your splashback's maintenance, and you can expect to enjoy them for longer.

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