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Answering a Few Questions About Residential Stained Glass

by Arianna Griffin

One good way to add style to your home's interior and exterior is to install stained glass! Stained glass windows add colour and eye-catching appeal to a house both inside and outside and can reflect coloured light in the home for a very unique look. While it's not unusual for churches and other such buildings to have stained glass windows, you might note some questions many homeowners have about these pieces so you know if stained glass is the right choice for your house.

Can you have stained glass safety windows?

Polymer glass is made with a mixture of plastic in the glass materials, and it may be heated and then cooled rapidly so that it becomes very dense and strong. This type of glass can be coloured and is used for vehicle brake lights, safety lights, motorcycle helmet visors and other such applications. While this glass is very dense and durable, it also has an artificial, plastic look and feel that you might not appreciate.

Is stained glass fragile?

If you do prefer regular window glass for your home, don't assume that staining that glass will somehow make it fragile or easy to break. Old glass, such as you might fight on historical buildings, is often delicate because of its age, and because glassmakers may have not made thick, durable glass all those centuries ago! Today's stained glass can be somewhat thick and strong and is secure enough for a residential home.

Does the stain come off or wear away over time?

Stained glass is not the same as painted glass. If you were to paint a piece of glass, that paint coating might come off or peel away after some time as it absorbs humidity or gets dry and brittle. Stained glass has colouring added to its actual manufacturing process, so it shouldn't wear away over time. Depending on the quality of the stain, the colour might fade or change tone slightly, and it may need some type of touch-up, but you shouldn't expect to see long streaks of damage or areas of peeled colour when you choose stained glass.

Is stained glass the same as leaded glass?

Leaded glass refers to pieces of glass that are assembled together with lines of lead caulk between them. Leaded glass will then have sections or a type of pattern in the glass. Stained glass refers to glass that is coloured; it can be one solid piece, or several pieces of stained glass put together to create a picture, design or pattern.