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Creating a Zero Waste Bathroom with These Renovations

by Arianna Griffin

An upcoming trend in the green lifestyle movement is to go with a zero waste lifestyle. This lifestyle means focusing on reducing the amount of waste you bring into the home and throw into the trash. For example, you may decide to make your own toothpaste instead of purchasing toothpaste and bringing in a plastic tube that can't be recycled and must become waste. As part of your new found zero waste lifestyle, you may want to create a bathroom environment that helps you maintain that lifestyle. Here are three zero waste bathroom renovations to consider.

Frameless Glass Doors

If you are trying to make your bathroom look as streamlined as possible, or if you are going for a spa like minimalist feel, then a frameless glass shower door is likely a good choice. These doors can be made in a zero waste option by going with recycled glass or glass that is made from recycled items. You can even have a frameless glass door made from other glass doors in your home. For example, if you are moving a sliding glass door or replacing it with a different style, you can have a contractor rework the glass sliding door into a frameless glass shower door. This means you are not creating waste, recycling, and achieving your zero waste bathroom renovation goal. 

Compostable Bathroom Accessories

You may think that your bathroom design will last for years, and longevity wise it may. That doesn't mean you won't get tired of it and eventually want to make some changes. By keeping that in mind, you can make a strong step to a zero waste bathroom by using compostable bathroom accessories. Items like towel racks, toothbrush holders, and even drawer pulls may eventually end up in the trash or donated in some way.

By using compostable items, such as compostable bamboo toothbrush holders, you can ensure that if the items do end up in the trash they can be tossed into a compost pile instead and give richness to a compost based garden design rather than a landfill.

Bamboo Shower Mats

When you use a regular shower mat, you run into several issues that may go against your zero waste lifestyle. The first is ensuring that the mat is organic and made of natural fibers with no plastic or plastic backing. This can be difficult since most shower mats are made to absorb the water, but also protect your bathroom floor from the water as well. The second issue is that a traditional bathmat will need to be washed in order to prevent mildew. That means running an extra load of laundry specifically for your mats. You can avoid these issues, and maintain your zero waste lifestyle, by simply going with a bamboo shower mat. it is natural, compostable, biodegradable, and doesn't require energy and water to wash and dry.

These are just a few of the bathroom renovations you can take to increase your zero waste lifestyle goals. For more ideas, consider listing the items in your bathroom that are currently not part of your zero waste plan and discussing more sustainable changes with your contractor.