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Some tips for decorating with bathroom mirrors

by Arianna Griffin

Bathroom mirrors are pretty straightforward. They hang over the sink, you stare blearily at them in the early morning, and they're handy for shaving or not getting lipstick on your teeth. What more is there? In fact, there's a lot you can do with your bathroom mirror to make your bathroom look a little brighter, warmer and more spacious. Here are a few tips on decorating with mirrors. 

Use natural light

If you're designing a bathroom from the start, make sure that your mirror is in a location that will catch plenty of natural light. A window on an adjacent wall provides the best source of light, brightening your bathroom without any uncomfortable glare. 

Place lights wisely

Mirrors brighten a room by reflecting light, so it's important to make sure that the bathroom lights are positioned correctly. For the best visibility when using the mirror, place source lighting on both adjacent walls; you'll get a clear, even light with minimal shadow. If you just want to make the room seem brighter, try hanging a pendant light so that it reflects from the mirror. And for an attractive light that's perfect for a relaxing bathtime, try LED lighting above or around your mirror. 

Invest in mirror features

If you're adding a new mirror to an existing bathroom, investigate some of the additional features available from many manufacturers. Lighted mirrors incorporate subsurface lights for a clear image even when ambient light isn't great. If your mirror tends to steam up, invest in a demister mirror to keep it usable even when there's a lot of moisture in the air. 

Add a frame

Traditionally, bathroom mirrors go without frames or at least have unobtrusive ones. No-frame minimalism can work, especially if you're dealing with a large mirror in a mostly white room, but a frame can actually create interesting effects. A simple white frame contributes to the impression of cleanliness and brightness, but a dark or contrasting frame draws attention to the mirror and helps make it pop. Adding a frame to an existing mirror is a simple way to completely change the look of the bathroom. 

Consider alternatives for small spaces

Not every bathroom is big enough—or laid out in the right way—for a full-sized bathroom mirror. If that describes your bathroom, try using a pedestal-mounted shaving or cosmetic mirror. Placed correctly, these adjustable mirrors not only help with their intended functions but add brightness and a sense of space to a room. Choose the pedestal style that complements the room.