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Two Reasons Why Should Get Your Car Windscreen Replaced Even If You Don't Drive a Lot

by Arianna Griffin

If you don't drive very often, you may not feel an urgent need to get your shattered windscreen replaced. However, you should still replace this glass. Here are two reasons why it's so important to do this.

The opening in the windscreen might allow small animals, insects and reptiles into your vehicle

If you leave your car parked outdoors with a shattered windscreen, some smaller varieties of wildlife in your area might crawl through the opening in the shattered glass and get inside the car. This could lead to a whole host of unpleasant issues.

Firstly, if a snake or a large spider creeps into the vehicle via this broken pane and they remain there until your next road journey, they might slither or crawl onto the pedals, steering wheel or seat during your drive. This could shock you so much that you lift your feet off the pedals or take your hands off the wheel, which could then lead you causing a disastrous road accident. Secondly, if there is a hole in the shattered glass that is large enough for a small-sized possum to squeeze through, the next time you go to use your car, you might be greeted by the sight of this animal's droppings all over your car interior.

However, by hiring a repairperson who offers windscreen replacement services to fit a new, pristine piece of glass and add a secure seal around its edges, you can spare yourself the above-mentioned experiences.

Your car should always be in ready-to-drive condition

Even if you cannot recall the last time that you drove your car, you should still get its shattered windscreen pulled out and replaced with some new glass, as your vehicle should always be in ready-to-drive condition. The reason for this that if there is ever an emergency that requires you to get to a particular area very quickly, it is crucial to have your own form of reliable transport, rather than simply hoping that you'll be able to find someone to give you a lift. Given that it is both illegal and risky to drive a vehicle that has a badly shattered windscreen, you would not be able to use your own car to go anywhere in an emergency.

For example, if your elderly parent is rushed to the hospital via ambulance and you are informed that they might not have long left, you would need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. If in this scenario, your car didn't have a functioning windscreen because you never got around to having it replaced, you might end up arriving too late. Whilst this is an extreme example, life events like this do happen to a lot of people. By getting this glass replaced, you can ensure that you are ready to hop into your car and get where you need to go if something like this occurs.